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Be Liberated

Be fully present in your life with love, joy, respect and belonging through the power of trusting your body's wisdom.


Healing your relationships with food & your body is liberating.

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Nutrition for Body Trust


Be fully present in your life with love, joy, respect and belonging through the power of trusting your body's wisdom.


We offer a grounded practice which uses a non-diet, weight-inclusive, trauma-informed and body trust-informed approach to nutrition.


Rasa’s guiding tenets are inclusivity, curiosity, and a respectful perspective toward all humans and their lived experiences, culture, and upbringing. Rasa Nutrition is committed to practicing bravery by standing up and speaking up for injustice both in her practice and in everyday life.


We are committed to lifelong learning and unlearning to create a world that is kind, compassionate, accepting, and inclusive of all people and bodies.

You can learn more about Body Trust through The Center For Body Trust.


Create Communities and Spaces Inclusive of All Bodies

Rasa's Cultural Bio

Rasa’s passion is to bring more joy, kindness, compassion, and love to human lives by showing respect and care for, and attunement with, the inner wisdom and inner values of all human bodies and abilities, all communities, and our planet.


Rasa Nutrition is new in Body Trust work and became a certified Body Trust provider in 2023. Rasa is continually learning how to connect nutrition to our common humanity, our healing, and how we can live more fully in our bodies.

I am a 47-year-old, white, cis-woman in an “average “size body. The oldest of 2 children, I grew up in a small town called Pabrade, in Lithuania. At the age of 21, I immigrated to the USA and have resided in Minneapolis ever since. My parents were teachers who worked hard to support our education and interest in sports. My body story includes being teased about weight, size and limited wealth. In addition, my body story includes being an Olympian, and experiences of body fascination because of my athleticism. I carry a family history of addiction, mental illness, abuse, and my own history with food insecurity, mental illness, and trauma. I have been married for 19 years to a black American male. I am a mother of two kids, ages 14 and 16. I am a highly sensitive person who loves spending time outside walking, biking, or running and seeing nature as I move my body. 

As a woman, I grew up with messages that my body is not good enough. This led to decades of chronic dieting and eating disorders, chasing the illusion that if I work hard enough and controlled my food, I could fix my "not enough-ness".  After I embarked on my journey as a nutrition professional, I continued to learn from stories of people that I was helping, and understood my own dieting history. I continue to pursue professional continuing education, most recently Body Trust. I believe that minimizing people and your body, not only does not help, but actually harms our health and well-being.  Your body does not need to be fixed, it needs to be understood and listened to.

We've worked with some wonderful people.

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