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Nutrition for Sports & Performance

Rasa Nutrition Training Camp for Minnesota Vikings

Rasa Nutrition has 40 years of combined experience between competing at the highest level of athletics and working in sports nutrition science. With Sports & Performance Nutrition, our focus is on optimal fueling, and injury prevention & recovery to help you achieve your best physical and mental performance.


We welcome all bodies, sports, human experiences, and skill levels. All of us are performing, moving, and fueling daily. We all deserve support and accurate information. 


Nutrition counseling for optimal fueling, injury prevention and recovery to help you achieve your best physical and mental performance.

Why Rasa Nutrition?

  • we support you learning to fuel your body for competition and living,

  • we work with all bodies & people at every level,

  • learn how to elevate your practice and recovery with scientifically based nutrition.

We believe that our experience as athletes, parents, and practitioners of performance nutrition bring us to the forefront in helping you achieve your goals. Work with us to learn how to fuel your body for everyday living, a busy & active lifestyle, preparing for your first ever competition, or training for the Olympics.


We will work together to combine your expertise in your sport and your body and our experience to fine tune your approach to performance with scientifically based nutrition. We will help guide you so that you can elevate your practices & recovery and create the mind-body connection of a well-fueled body.

Additional Performance Nutrition Services

Rasa Nutrition is dedicated to providing education and group work to increase nutrition knowledge. We offer a sports / art / activity-specific education opportunity that is practical, culturally sensitive and body trust friendly. We have successfully worked with professional & non-professional sports teams, dance groups, artists, and first responders.


Contact us if your team, club, or organization could benefit from Team Talks, Cooking Demos, Grocery Store Guided Tours, Support Groups, and / or Body Composition Assessments.

Rasa Nutrition is passionate about dismantling diet culture and preventing disordered eating / eating disorders. All additional services will be anchored in anti-diet and accepting of body diversity in athletes, artists and first responders. We honor their experiences and their nutritional approaches.

If you have questions related to appropriateness and technique of body composition assessment, please connect with us.


“Thank you for all your years of expertise and professionalism with my patients.  The knowledge and expertise you share with them continues to amaze me.  You also have such a great ability to deal with everything from weight loss to maximizing energy to hydration.  It’s nice to know I have a great professional in my corner.

—  Pete Garber, PT

“Dear Rasa, it has been an enjoyable experience to work with you over the past year, especially in putting together our sports nutrition seminar, which I believe was a great success.  It is one thing to talk about getting a couple hundred people and quite another to see them come into the arena having decided to come to the event we planned.”

— Ryan Gorczycki, RD

Rasa Nutrition, Rasa Troup

some kind thoughts from our clients

"I sincerely do not know where our women's team would be without Rasa and her expertise in nutrition. She is not only a brilliant person but also an Olympic athlete that has experienced the same pressures and frustrations that every elite athlete faces and has to overcome. She is a wonderful resource for our track and field and cross-country student athletes not only in group meetings but also out on the course and track. She cares about everyone and every woman that works with her has a huge amount of respect for her as a professional and a person. Any team or individual would be lucky to have her work with them."

—  Gary Wilson, Head Women's Cross Country Coach

     University of Minnesota

     Big Ten Cross Country Champions 2007, 2008

     Big Ten Indoor Track Champions 2007, 2008, 2009

     Big Ten Outdoor Track Champions 2006

“Dear Rasa:  Thank you so much for coming to speak to our team and parents this evening. You are a wonderful role model for all our community members and your message will make a difference in these people’s lives for many years to come.  It is no wonder why the University of Minnesota Team is doing so well and having so many healthy team members-you are one of the big keys to their success….  Thanks for your time, effort, and professionalism.  Thanks for all you have done for our team!”

— Bob Erit and the entire Lakeville North Track & Field Program

We've worked with some wonderful people.

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Rasa Troup, Roy Griak Hall of Fame

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