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learn to trust your body


The diversity of our bodies is a cause for celebration.

be the best you

Nutrition for Disordered Eating


learn to trust your body

The diversity of our bodies,
is a cause for celebration.

At Rasa Nutrition we have extensive experience working with eating disorders/disordered eating.


We specialize in nutrition counseling focused on learning to trust your body and nourishing yourself with care and respect. Rasa entered the nutrition field because of her own eating disorder recovery journey she experienced during her athletics career. From the first days of becoming dietitian, she worked with disordered eating/eating disorders and continues to do so. 

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Your Body Does Not Need to Be Fixed,   
It Wants to Be Heard and Understood

Why Rasa Nutrition?

  • experienced individual nutrition counseling,

  • We support you in learning to trust your body, 

  • liberate yourself by waking up to the damaging effects of diet culture,

  • and honor your whole being by nourishing yourself with care and respect.

We want you to recognize that your body and coping skills (including disordered eating/eating disorder) were there to help you to survive in a world that does not support diversity in human bodies, skills, experiences and eating patterns.  We believe that people who seek nutrition help are brave to do this work when often faced with daily experiences that do not support their healing.  Rasa Nutrition is committed to uplifting all bodies, cultures, eating patterns and most importantly your wisdom and your knowledge.  

"I met Rasa for my first nutrition appointment over four years ago.  At the time, I had recently run the Boston Marathon and was taking a running break before training for my fall marathon.  Unfortunately, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and knew I needed help with my nutrition.  In my first appointment with Rasa, she immediately recognized red flags with my nutrition and over the next few appointments, kindly informed me that I had an eating disorder.

Rasa patiently and intelligently guided me not only with my nutrition but also with getting support for my eating disorder. She has stayed committed to helping me. Rasa is extremely intelligent, always current on the latest research and explains the science behind her recommendations.  She educates me about nutrition to support my running as well as how to fuel my body for life. Rasa is hard working, empathetic, and extremely compassionate. I am immensely thankful for Rasa and her services and highly recommend her."

—  Leah Pustovar

some kind thoughts from our clients

"Working with Rasa was so helpful. I really felt that I grew as a person because she not only advised me in becoming healthy again, but she also challenged me to understand that an eating disorder is not just about food.  Together, we worked to figure out what was triggering my behavior and how to correct it.  As an athlete it was awesome to work with someone who is an athlete herself and understands the importance of proper nutrition fueling.


I know that because of her I have gained confidence and knowledge that helps me in my training and as a person." 

—  Athlete, University of Minnesota

"Rasa listened. She gave me hope when no one else had any answers. I remember her saying: "Sandy, the human body has an enormous capacity to heal itself."

—  Nutrition Client

We've worked with some wonderful people.

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Let's Work Together!

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