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Welcome to Rasa Nutrition

trust your choices - revitalize your body with fuel - build your tribe for success

Whole Body Nutrition for Every Body

Here at Rasa Nutrition, we believe that your well being is connected to your environment and your lived experience.

Our nutrition counseling focuses on connecting you with your body wisdom. Work with us to build a strong relationship with your nutritional health. We support you having a strong body and developing your sense of belonging. 


Nutrition counseling will help you learn how to center yourself and help you learn the tools that enable you to find authenticity in your nutritional health. We will work together to establish a foundation for success by supporting your progress in body trust, trust in your inner strength and resilience to build a sense of belonging and joy.  

We Offer Nutrition Counseling for Every Body

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Nutrition for Disordered Eating

Nutritional counseling focused on learning to trust your body.  Liberate yourself by waking up to the damaging effects of diet culture and honor your whole being by nourishing yourself with care and respect.

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Nutrition for Sports & Performing Artists

Nutrition counseling for optimal fueling, injury prevention and recovery to help you achieve your best physical and mental performance.

Nutrition for Body Trust (currently learning)


Body Trust nutrition counseling has the power to break systems of oppression. Rasa Nutrition invites all bodies to be cared for, loved, respected and belong, regardless of size, nourishing patterns, culture, sex, race, ability, sexual orientation, age, or health. I believe that healing your relationships with food and body is liberating, allowing you to be fully present in your life with love, joy, respect, and belonging. Land in your body. Learn the power of trusting your body's wisdom.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition counseling focused on enhancing your body's ability to prevent medical conditions and create a lifestyle that provides a vital, vibrant, fulfilling life regardless of any medical condition or diagnosis.

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Nutrition for First Responders

Nutrition counseling using science informed nutrition strategies.  We focus on helping caretakers maximize mental and physical functionality for demanding and unpredictable schedules.

Talks & Presentations

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Performance based talks, nutrition topics to 'pique your curiosity' or a 'lunch-and-learn', are just some of the things we love doing.  We have experience working with teams & groups, coaches & organizations, universities & corporations, and with busy professionals.

some testimonials from current and past clients

"I was referred to Rasa by my primary care doctor in December 2019. I had severe GI issues and had lost an alarming amount of weight. Rasa listened to my concerns and found a way to fit me in her already full schedule. I knew I'd found my saving grace. Rasa listened. She gave me hope when no one else had any answers. I remember her saying: 'Sandy, the human body has an enormous capacity to heal itself'. She worked with me for the last year, helping me reintroduce foods, and understand the complexity of my health concerns. Rasa has been my lifeline every time I thought I was going backwards. Just hearing her voice brought an immediate sense of calm and that everything was going to be alright. I'll forever be thankful for all that she's one for me.


—  Nutrition client

"I sincerely do not know where our women's team would be without Rasa and her expertise in nutrition. She is not only a brilliant person but also an Olympic athlete that has experienced the same pressures and frustrations that every elite athlete faces and has to overcome. She is a wonderful resource for our track and field and cross-country student athletes not only in group meetings but also out on the course and track. She cares about everyone and every woman that works with her has a huge amount of respect for her as a professional and a person. Any team or individual would be lucky to have her work with them."


—  Gary Wilson, Head Women's Cross Country Coach

     University of Minnesota

     Big Ten Cross Country Champions 2007, 2008

     Big Ten Indoor Track Champions 2007, 2008, 2009

     Big Ten Outdoor Track Champions 2006


"I want you to

have the energy to accomplish amazing things."

it's within your reach

Meet Rasa Troup, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, OLY

Rasa Nutrition, Rasa Troup

As a parent, business owner and Olympian, Rasa Troup RD understands hurdles.

She also knows how to overcome them.

Education & Professional Athletics

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M.S. Nutrition, University of Minnesota

BS Physiology, University of Minnesota

ISAK level 2 Anthropometrist

Professional Internship, DIGS (Dietetic Internship for Graduate Students, University of Minnesota

2008 Beijing Olympian

 Track & Field Resume

I believe that the diversity of our bodies is a cause for celebration.  As we learn to fuel our bodies and build healthy relationships, we learn to honor and respect our bodies.  And the risk of change, the pressure of expectations, and the oppression of being, are replaced by confidence, self-compassion and accomplishments.  You are the caretaker of your body and becoming the best version of you is within your reach. 

"... your body is not only yours... (it) belongs to your ancestors, your parents, and future generations... and every living thing brought about the presence of your body. We can eat with care, knowing we are caretakers of our bodies, rather than their owners."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

As a competitive athlete, I struggled with nutrition in the middle of competitive athletics.  As a result, I learned that proper nutrition is crucial.  Healthy fuel creates the optimal opportunity to compete and accomplish.  As a nutrition professional with over 20 years of experience, I work with people from various walks of life and athletes of all abilities from amateur to professional.  No matter who you are, I strongly believe that each of us has an athlete within.  Every day, we perform. I want you to have the energy to accomplish amazing things!

At Rasa Nutrition, we believe nutrition is interdependent with environment, so we provide nutrition counseling for the whole body.  I'm a veteran sports dietitian and have worked with the University of Minnesota Athletics, The Emily Program (eating disorder clinic), The Minnesota Vikings and The Minnesota Twins, as well as University of Minnesota Physicians, Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, Viverant, and TRia Orthopaedic. 


Our goal at Rasa Nutrition is to work with you to tune your nutrition, so your body can be healthy and heal itself.  Working with me, you will learn to create healthy relationships by fueling your body and building your tribe.

I firmly believe that health, a sense of belonging, strength, and longevity all come from an honored and respected body.

Note: At this time Rasa is not active on her social media accounts. 

Rasa Troup, Rasa Nutrition

Diversity and Inclusion

I welcome you. I acknowledge and value that each of us brings a unique culture and history forward with us as we grow. I recognize you as a unique individual and am honored to work with you. I will respect your culture, identity and significance.

I, and Rasa Nutrition, are constantly learning and unlearning in order to provide nutrition counseling in a weight and health consumed world that dishes nutritional ideologies, fitness information and marginalizes humans based on their size, weight, sexual orientation, ability, health, race, sex, age, and cultural backgrounds.

some testimonials from current and past clients

Thank you for all your years of expertise and professionalism with my patients.  The knowledge and expertise you share with them continues to amaze me.  You also have such a great ability to deal with everything from weight loss to maximizing energy to hydration.  It’s nice to know I have a great professional in my corner.

—  Pete Garber, PT

"I have had the pleasure of working with Rasa in a variety of settings over the past five years and have constantly been impressed with her integrity, dedication, and ability to juggle multiple tasks and jobs. She passionately delivers sound nutrition information in an empathetic and compassionate way and empowers clients to take charge of their own health. Working with Rasa has been a pleasure and I highly recommended her services."

— Athlete, University of Minnesota

do amazing things

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No matter where you are in life

be the best you

Schedule Your Nutrition Services

Start your journey with us!

Rasa Nutrition offers easy to use online nutrition counseling services, video talks and presentations as well as in-person office appointments and in-person talks & presentations.  We specialize in nutrition for Eating Disorders, Sports & Performing Artists, Medical Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition for First Responders.

We have made it easy to start.  Just select an initial appointment. a 30-minute follow-up or a 45-minute follow-up from our schedule below.  We look forward to working with you!


Your nutrition session will include a 60-minute initial session to review your medical history, personal preferences, habits, and lifestyle.  By working together, we will develop a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan specific to your needs.  Your follow-up sessions will create a plan for a healthier lifestyle where we will evaluate your current progress, discuss your nutrition action plan and develop skills to overcome barriers.

ISAK Assessments are a tool used to measure the interface between anatomy and movement. Changes in the distribution of body dimensions are forever occurring and an ISAK test is an assessment tool that Rasa Nutrition uses to help assess the human body for function and movement in a range of settings.

If you would like to schedule a talk or presentation, please scroll down to the Talks & Presentations 'Contact Us' button.

Rasa Nutrition is a provider for Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Medica insurance.

We try to keep a few sliding-scale appointments available. Please inquire about availability.


Talks & Presentations

During COVID-19 we are offering video presentations.


We have worked with a range of athletes and performing artists. Our experience includes high school, collegiate to professional, including All-American college athletes and Olympic/Paralympic Medalists. We work with you on optimal fueling, injury prevention and recovery nutrition needs by providing nutrition assessments, meal planning for home and/or travel and one-on-one sessions. 

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