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Whole Body Nutrition 

Rasa Nutrition provides nutrition counseling based on fueling your body for success and trusting your choices.

We believe that your well-being is more than nutrition labels and macros.

for Every Body

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You are truly an asset to our community! Your content was perfect for our athletes, and everyone is energized and excited about what they learned!


We are so grateful you took time to help us and hope you know how big your impact is!! . Your energy and expertise are so valuable to these young people. THANK YOU!!! 

- Wayzata High School track and cross country coach

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"Rasa listened. She gave me hope when no one else had any answers. I remember her saying: 'Sandy, the human body has an enormous capacity to heal itself'.

— Nutrition Client

Nutrition Counseling

it's within your reach

Our goal at Rasa Nutrition is to work with you to tune your nutrition, so your body can live fully.  Working with us, you will learn to create peace with food and body and build your tribe. I firmly believe that by having a sense of belonging and by having a community that supports your uniqueness, authenticity and humanity, we can build a better world. 

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Fuel your body for living, moving and performance. Nutrition for optimal fueling, injury prevention and recovery to achieve your best physical and mental performance. 


Liberate yourself by learning to trust your body. Focus on honoring your whole being by nourishing yourself with care and respect.


Healing your relationships with food and your body is liberating. Be fully present in your life with love, joy, respect and belonging through the power of trusting your body's wisdom.

Read my cultural bio for more information on my perspective.

do amazing things

Each of us has a relationship with food that is directly connected to our environment and experiences.

Our nutrition counseling focuses on helping you connect with your innate body wisdom. Being aware and able to understand your own body wisdom is one of the most powerful outcomes of counseling. 

Rasa Nutrition is committed to providing a private and inclusive space so that you have an opportunity to discover your own wellness philosophy. We help you learn how to center yourself and use tools to find authenticity in your nutritional health. Together, we will create a foundation for success and resilience, anchored in nourishment rather than restriction or restraint, to create a sense of belonging and joy.

About Rasa Nutrition

Meet Rasa Troup, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, OLY

As a nutrition professional with over 20 years of experience, I work with people from all walks of life whether your goal is to feel more confident planning a meal, or to perform at the highest level of sport. We offer nutrition counseling for athletes of all abilities from amateur to professional.

Our goal at Rasa Nutrition is to help you create healthy relationships with food.

Some of the people I've worked with include: The University of Minnesota Athletics, The Emily Program (eating disorder clinic), The Minnesota Vikings and The Minnesota Twins, as well as The University of Minnesota Physician, Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, Viverant, and TRia Orthopedic.

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We've worked with some wonderful people.

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All Are Welcome

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"Rasa patiently and intelligently guided me not only with my nutrition but also with getting support for my eating disorder.  She has stayed committed to helping me.  Rasa is extremely intelligent, always current on the latest research and explains the science behind her recommendations.  She educates me about nutrition to support my running as well as how to fuel my body for life."

- L.P., Nutrition Client

I acknowledge and value that each of us brings a unique culture and history forward with us as we grow. I recognize you as a unique individual and am honored to work with you. I will respect your culture, identity, and significance.

I am constantly learning and unlearning in order to provide nutrition counseling in a weight and health-consumed world that promotes harmful nutritional ideologies, fitness information and marginalizes humans based on their size, weight, sexual orientation, ability, health, race, sex, age, and cultural backgrounds.

Rasa Troup, Rasa Nutrition

Teams, Speaking and Corporate Wellness

Empower your organization, group, or team.

Rasa Nutrition offers tailored nutrition presentations both on-site and virtually. We have experience presenting to hundreds of sports organizations, businesses, and schools. Topics can include nutrition for optimal fueling, injury prevention, recovery nutrition, or countless other topics.


Available virtually or on-site.

“Dear Rasa, it has been an enjoyable experience to work with you over the past year, especially in putting together our sports nutrition seminar, which I believe was a great success.  It is one thing to talk about getting a couple hundred people and quite another to see them come into the arena having decided to come to the event we planned.”

— Ryan Gorczycki, RD

“Dear Rasa:  Thank you so much for coming to speak to our team and parents this evening. You are a wonderful role model for all our community members and your message will make a difference in these people’s lives for many years to come.  It is no wonder why the University of Minnesota Team is doing so well and having so many healthy team members-you are one of the big keys to their success….  Thanks for your time, effort, and professionalism.  Thanks for all you have done for our team!”

— Bob Erit and the entire Lakeville North Track & Field Program

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Let's Work Together!

Thank you!

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