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Classes starting Fall 2018

Location: TBA

Cost: TBA


Yoga For Women

A combination of 'traditional' yoga classes, with both restorative and active portions with refined cues and instruction for women in the many years after having a baby.

Having practiced and taught yoga in many styles for many years, before and after pregnancy, I have developed specific instructions and tweaks to poses for supporting a healthy practice, in a changed body,  after baby.

This class is for you if:

  • you have had a baby at any point in your life;

  • you are past the initial 'postnatal' phase but feel there are still movements and activities that need special attention;

  • you wish to attend 'regular' yoga classes but need support in doing poses appropriately for your changed body;

  • are interested in physical activity that is challenging, low impact and also addresses women-specific issues;

  • want detailed cues to learn more about how to support yourself in all movements;

  • desire feeling strong in your body - even if you never have!