Unique Pregnancy and/or Birth Support

I am deeply inspired by the ultimate creative process of giving life.

I wish to guide women through the challenges of the transition. I want to help you spread your wings and soar through the thunder of inner conflict and meet your new self on the other side, a more present, self-assured and wild woman.

I don’t want to help you give birth, I want to help you understand that only you can give birth to your baby.

I am a movement and natural nutrition focussed person, so it only makes sense that those are the tools I use to support women and families on their perinatal journey. I will provide you with resources in these areas to enhance your experience. 

I take a very limited number of clients as way of keeping my own personal commitments in my life. If you think that we would work well together, please contact me to find out more.

…birth is packaged to us as a traumatic, painful and undignified rite of passage that nearly every woman - sooner or later - must go through…
On the one hand, some women’s expectations are not being managed, so the birthing experience is a raw shock for them; on the other, there are those women who are going into labour fully expecting it to be horrendous, so it is. A big part of this latter problem is that the vast majority of young women who are now of childbearing age have grown up with the received wisdom that this is how birth is.
— Dr. Gowri Motha, author of "The Gentle Birth Method"

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